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These are the stories of Kenora participants in the First World War.

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Dempster, John Kane

John Kane Dempster was one of four brothers, the sons of John and Catherine (Kane) Dempster, to volunteer for service during the war. John and Catherine brought their family to Canada in 1907 from Glasgow, Scotland where John was a baker. He’d found employment for himself and his older sons at the Lake of the… Read More »

Wadman, Charles Frederick

Charles Frederick Wadman was born on 8 January 1893 in Wingfield (also known as Winkfield), Trowbridge, Worcestershire in England where his family farmed. His father James Wadman was born about 1832 and mother Sarah Elizabeth Couch in 1862. Although a marriage record was not found, a later census suggested that the couple married in 1886…. Read More »

Rodger, John Cousland

John Cousland Rodger was born on 26 July 1896 in the Dennistoun area of Glasgow, Scotland. His father John Rodger was from Holytown, Lanarkshire while his mother Cecilia Jenkins Cousland was from Glasgow. Although both were living in Glasgow at the time, the couple married on 4 October 1892 in Perth. John Sr, listed as… Read More »

Basso, Pietro

Pietro (Peter) Basso was born on 15 February 1885 in Italy. He was educated there and served as a private with the Italian army in the Allied Forces during WW1. In 1920, he and his wife, Dosolina (b. 1894 in Azzano, Italy), had a daughter, Ada Marie. In May of 1921 Pietro immigrated to Canada… Read More »

McLintock, Andrew

Andrew Brackenridge McClinton was born on 11 August 1878 in Maybole, Ayrshire, Scotland. His father William McClinton, a shoemaker, was from Stoneykirk, Wigtownshire while his mother Agnes Bruce was from Symington, Ayrshire. The couple married on 31 January 1861 in Inch, Wigtown. Their first child, daughter Elizabeth, was born in Inch but after her birth… Read More »

Marchant, Albert Edward

John Marchant and his sons Albert (front) and Wilfred Albert Edward Marchant was born on 24 March 1897 in Rat Portage (Kenora), Ontario.  He was the oldest child of John and Alice Marchant. Siblings included: Wilfred (1898-1967), Jack (b. 1899), Alice (1901-1961), Arthur (b. 1902) and Gordon (b. 1904). Albert was educated in Kenora and… Read More »

McLeod, James Norman

James Norman McLeod was born on 5 September 1892 in Toronto, Ontario. His parents Samuel James and Winnifred Victoria (née Jones) McLeod had married in Toronto in 1885. Samuel’s occupation over the years was listed as bookkeeper. Children born to the family in Toronto were Dorothy Marie (1885-1958), John Keith (1889), Norman, Janet Blanche (1894-1895),… Read More »

Angus, James Robert

Lieutenant James Robert Angus enlisted with the first Canadian contingent in September 1914 and served in Great Britain, France, Belgium and Canada for more than two and a half years. He was commissioned as a Lieutenant in March 1916. James was the son of James Angus Sr. and Mary Mathilda Dobson of Fort Frances, Ontario…. Read More »

McMonagle, Eugene

Private Eugene McMonagle was the son of George McMonagle and Ellen Jane McRae of Finch Township, Cornwall and Stormont County, Ontario. He was born on 17 January 1888 in Berwick, Finch Township, his birth registered as Uejane Ezekiel McMonagle. His father was a farmer at the time. Eugene’s parents were married in Avonmore, Stormont County… Read More »

Currie, James Campbell

James was the son of Donald Hector (1860-1956)  and Annie J. Currie (1863-1956), of Stackpool, Ontario. Until 1911, they were living in Kenora, Ontario. The  1911 census listed their name as Carrier instead of Currie. In 1891 Donald Hector  was shipping clerk in a lumber mill. In 1901, James lived with his mother and father… Read More »