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These are the stories of Kenora participants in the First World War.

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Creed, Philip

Philip Creed was born on 9 May 1890 in Hastings, Sussex, England. His parents were Alfred and Rosa Hannah (maiden name also Creed) who had married in 1889 in Hastings. Alfred was a bootmaker by trade while Rosa was an elementary school teacher. Philip was their first born child, followed by Doris Helen in 1898… Read More »

Foster, Henry Fester (Harry)

Henry Fester Foster (known as Harry) was born on 12 July 1894 in Rat Portage (Kenora), Ontario.  His parents were Edward John Foster and Annie Hayward. One of ten children, Harry’s siblings included:  Walter (b. 1884), Edward (b. 1886), William (b. 1888), Herbert (b. 1890), Maud (b. 1893), Percy (b. 1896), Charles (b. 1897), Gordon… Read More »

Elmer, Rudolph

Rudolph Elmer was born on 29 June 1884 in Tiel, Gelderland, Netherlands. He arrived in the Kenora District around 1908 and worked as a labourer in the employ of Mr. A. Fricker. On 20 November 1915 he enlisted with the 94th Battalion in Kenora. He had one year of service with the #8 Engineers in… Read More »

Fraser, Gordon David

Gordon David Fraser was born on 15 May 1881 in Paris, Ontario. His father William Fraser was born in Caledonia in the state of New York while his mother Margaret Emeline Colman was born in Ireland. For most of his adult life William worked as a plasterer although in latter years he was an assessor… Read More »

Elmgren, Albin

Albin Elmgren was born on 1 February 1890 in West Sweden, Polk, Wisconsin. West Sweden, organized in the mid 1870’s, was aptly named as it was a settlement of Swedes who were ‘west of Sweden’. It appears that Albin’s father Peter Elmgren had immigrated to the area in late 1876, and his mother Emmelia Christina… Read More »

Leyoux, Emile

Sapper Emile Leyoux enlisted three times using three different names (Emile Leyou/Leyoux, Emile Gosselin and Emil Gosling). He served in Canada, Great Britain and France for about 18 months and returned to Canada in March 1919. Emile probably grew up in the district of Nipissing, Ontario but nothing has been found yet about his early… Read More »

Elliott, William Alton

William Alton Elliott was born on 5 February 1897 in Portland, Leeds, Ontario. His parents Archibald ‘Archie’ Elliott and Eliza Jane Trotter were both from farms in the area, marrying on 15 November 1892 in nearby Athens. William had an older sister, Lenna, also born in Portland, and a younger sister Clella born in 1909… Read More »

Linklater, William

William Linklater was born on 8 April 1888 in Rat Portage (later renamed Kenora) in northwestern Ontario He was the fifth born child of Charles Patrick Linklater and Margaret Donald who had apparently married on 12 March 1880 in the RM of St Andrews in Manitoba, both having Métis roots in the Red River Settlement…. Read More »

Giles, Robert Edward

Driver Robert Edward Giles was the only son of Jesse Adam Giles and Mary Ann McDonald. Jesse was from London, England and Mary Ann was born in Proton, Ontario. They were married in 1890 in Port Elgin, Bruce County, Ontario and Robert was born on 18 January 1892 in the neighbouring township of Saugeen. He… Read More »