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These are the stories of Kenora participants in the First World War.

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McKie, William Anderson

Born 30 November 1877, William Anderson McKie was the  second child of  nine born to William McKie and Agnes Hill  of  Girvan, Scotland.  His parents were married in  December 1875 in Girvan, Ayrshire, a coastal village in southwestern Scotland. He had an older brother, James.  William’s younger siblings were Samuel, Mary, John, Alexander, David, Elizabeth… Read More »

Johnston, Andrew Brown

Birth, Parents and Siblings: Andrew Brown Johnston was born October 1, 1896, Charlestown, Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland. His parents were David Johnston (b. 1863 in Death, Fife) and Agnes Keir Brown (b. 1863 in Dunfermline). They were married in 1883. Their seven sons, all born in Scotland, were Ebenezer Wilkie (b. 1884); Alexander Brown (b. 1887);… Read More »

Gagnon, Adelard

Private Adelard Gagnon was one of three brothers from Keewatin, Ontario who enlisted during the war. He served for a year overseas in the UK and France and returned to Canada in May 1919. Adelard was the son of Joseph Gagnon and Victoria Madore of Keewatin, Ontario. Joseph and Victoria were both born in Quebec…. Read More »

Panton, Leonard Arthur Cattanach

Dr. Leonard Arthur Cattanach Panton served from June 1915 to September 1919 with the Royal Army Medical Corps and the Canadian Army Medical Corps. He was wounded at Gallipoli and after recovering he went on to serve in Canada, Great Britain and China. Leonard was the son of James Hoyes Panton and Mary Jemima Drummond… Read More »

Clark, Charles Bruce

Charles Bruce Clark was born on 15 September 1880 in Edmonton, Middlesex, England.  His parents were Charles Clark (a builder) and Isabel Chalmers. He had a least one brother, William, who was born in 1882. According to his obituary, Charles was educated in Dundee, Scotland and immigrated to Canada in 1908. Charles’ mother Isabel had… Read More »

Grendys, Walter

Sergeant Walter Grendys was born in Poland on 31 December 1896. According to his Canadian Legion membership application he enlisted in the cavalry in Rzeszow in 1914 and served with them until 1921. When the First World War started Poland was not an independent state but was partitioned between three empires. Thousands of Polish men… Read More »

McLintock, Andrew

Andrew Brackenridge McClinton was born on 11 August 1878 in Maybole, Ayrshire, Scotland. His father William McClinton, a shoemaker, was from Stoneykirk, Wigtownshire while his mother Agnes Bruce was from Symington, Ayrshire. The couple married on 31 January 1861 in Inch, Wigtown. Their first child, daughter Elizabeth, was born in Inch but after her birth… Read More »

Affleck, Ernest John

Sapper Ernest John Affleck enlisted in June 1918 and served for ten months with the Canadian Railway Troops in Canada, the UK and France. Ernest was the youngest son of Thomas Richard Affleck and Maria Yarroll. Thomas was born on the Isle of Guernsey, in the English Channel, and his wife was from Hastings, East… Read More »

Ouellette, Joseph Cyril

Joseph Cyril Oullette was born August 8th, 1896 in Rat Portage, (now Kenora), Ontario to André Ouellette and Léa Côté. He attended elementary school in Kenora then began working for Cameron Heaps. During the First World War he served overseas with the Canadian Field Artillery. When he arrived in France he was assigned to the 13th… Read More »

Lindberg, George

George Lindberg was born on 29 November 1891 in Rat Portage (later renamed Kenora), Ontario. His father August Lindberg was from Sweden while his mother Christina Annie Martensen (Mortensen) was from Denmark. The couple had married on 20 December 1886 and gave birth to their daughter Annie Christina the following year in Denmark. By 1889… Read More »